Department of Agriculture – Biosecurity fee review

The Department of Agriculture (“DoA”) has announced it is undertaking a review of the fees it charges for the various services it provides. Fees have not been changed since 2009, so it’s fair to say that a review is overdue. DoA advise they are seeking a total increase across all fee revenues of 15%, although this does not mean that all fees will rise by that margin. In consultation with industry, DoA has identified 14 of 32 areas that it believes require increases to meet its charter under the Federal Government cost recovery program.

DoA expect to announce and publish details in early April of the extent of fee increases to be applied from 1 July, 2014.

The announcement can be viewed on the DoA Biosecurity website at Biosecurity Fee Review, with further information on the 14 fee types under review at Import Clearance Fee Review.

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