Russian bans on agricultural imports

The Department of Agriculture today released advice on the situation for Australian exports to Russia of agricultural products as a result of the bans introduced by Russian president, Vladimir Putin on 6th August, 2014:

“On 6 August 2014, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, signed a Presidential Decree on the ‘Application of Certain Special Economic Measures in order to protect the National Security of the Russian Federation’.

This Decree imposes immediate bans, for one year, on imports of specified agricultural products originating from countries including Australia, US, EU, Norway and Canada.

Current status
The Australian Government is currently working to assess the impact of the Russian Federation ban on imports of certain agricultural products, raw materials and foodstuffs from Australia.

The immediate focus is to manage those exports that are currently at sea or in transit to Russian markets and assist exporters in redirecting them, wherever possible, to alternative destinations.”

The media release goes on to set out details of the HS (Harmonised System, an international numbering convention that provides consistent identification of goods) codes for the products affected, and provides further information for Australian exporters about what to do for goods currently in transit. The situation is unclear for goods which have already left Australia and the Department is urgently seeking clarification via their overseas resources. The Department will release further information as soon as possible.

The full text of the advice and further information can be found here.

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